21st Century Outbreak
21st Century Outbreak

21st Century Outbreak  


21st Century Outbreak tells the true stories behind some of the modern world’s most frightening outbreaks of infectious disease and reveals the growing global threat of infectious diseases.

Each of the three episodes focuses on a different way in which microbes are on the rise:  Alien Invaders investigates examples of diseases that are on the march, expanding into new territories.  New Killers reveals how pathogens new to science present a deadly threat to the modern world and Bioterror examines the danger posed by biological weapons. 

21st Century Outbreak combines gripping tales of detection, cutting edge science and state of the art computer graphics to chart the latest chapter in humanity’s war against its oldest enemy: infectious disease. 

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: True Story, Health & Lifestyle, Documentary

Year of Production: 2003

Running Time: 3 x one hour

Production Company:A Wall To Wall Television and AAC Fact Production