With the key ingredients to success, 2gether has shot to the top of the music charts and is the hottest new band around. They seem ready to take the music world by storm, but what kind of industry issues and pressures await them?

With a top ten hit, U Plus Sign Me Equal Sign Us, on the charts, the boys have dumped their original management but now must contend with new management that's even more controlling. What Ev Records has accommodated the band with a record deal, a tiny salary, and an ultra cool apartment in L.A.

Their day to day task is to simply stay at the top of the charts and escape their label's wrath but their deeper more fundamental task is much more complicated, to avoid implosions, survive as a family and on some darker level, to dodge the oblivion that awaits all pop sensations.

Genre: Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Teen, Music, Family, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2000

Running Time: 19 x half hours

Production Company:An Alliance Atlantis Production in association with MTV