400 DAYS
400 Days

400 Days  


MOON meets The Divide in 400 Days, a terrifying, high-concept, sci-fi thriller - with a killer ensemble cast. 

In preparation for a journey into deep space, a group of 4 astronauts spend 400 days in an incredibly realistic space capsule simulator -  only to discover that their mission may not be as simulated as they were led to believe.

Making up the crew are psychologist Dr. Emily McTier (Caity Lotz), engineers Cole Dvorak (Dane Cook) and Bug Kieslowski (Ben Feldman), and Captain Theo Cooper (Brandon Routh), fresh from lockup after a 4 day bender because his fiancée - Dr. Emily McTier - just dumped him. Despite the tension between Emily and Theo, the mission goes as planned at first, with the crew focusing on their daily duties. But suddenly, the capsule starts shaking uncontrollably and they lose over 50% power. Complications were built into the simulation, so they were trained to expect difficulties, but when they can't get a hold of mission control at all, genuine fear and suspicion sets in... What really is the truth about their mission?

With the crew becoming increasingly restless, the verbal fights turn into physical, while strange, relentless noises from the outside chip away at their sanity. Then out of the blue, they find a stowaway - a bedraggled, incomprehensible being who disappears as quickly as he's come. How the hell did he get on board, and where has he gone to?

FInally, with their oxygen levels running dangerously low, the crew has no choice but to abandon ship. Wearing their spacesuits, they open the hatch and step into the unknown...

Genre: Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 1 x 90-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA