ABC Wid Da Mob

ABC Wid Da Mob  


ABC Wid Da Mob is an animation which teaches us about themes such as cooperation, compassion, feeling sad and sharing through some misplaced Mafioso types and their unusual ways of demonstrating these valuable life lessons.

Just a few of the many important things that you will learn are…why Goldilocks was a whore; how the Grinch stole a truckload of cigarettes; why The Little Mermaid sleeps with the fishes and how Hansel and Gretel disposed of the witch’s body.

You won’t find these early learning spoofs on ‘Sesame Street’.

Genre: Short Formats, Kids / Teens, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Kids, Comedy, Animation

Year of Production: 2008

Running Time: 10 x 1-minute

Country: UK

Production Company:A ZAC Toons Production