Abe & Bruno

Abe & Bruno   


Abe & Bruno is an amusing, enlightening tale of man’s dedication to animal. Just as importantly, it is a story that is sure to entertain young and old audiences alike with its classic portrayal of loyalty and sacrifice.

Abe and Bruno are best friends and roommates. One is a neat freak, the other a regular slob. Their deep friendship is based on a well-kept secret; Abe raised Bruno since he was a baby. Just one problem, Bruno is now a 500-pound silverback gorilla.

This unforgettable story begins not so innocently when Abe and Bruno, on the run from authorities, settle into a home on the outskirts of a small mountain village. Abe had rescued Bruno from a lifetime of captivity in a zoo and thus will do anything in his power to protect him from re-imprisonment.

Their forced but peaceful exile is broken one day when Abe collapses on the kitchen floor, clutching his heart. Bruno, with his high level of intelligence and love for Abe knows enough to immediately run for help.

The growling ape’s sudden appearance in the village sets off pandemonium. When the sheriffs chase Bruno back to his home, they discover Abe just in time to save his life. Bruno is not as lucky. He escapes but is lost in the wilderness.

When a smart, beautiful reporter for Zoo TV Network discovers Abe and Bruno’s true identities and back story, the race is on to protect Bruno from the law.

Genre: TV Movies

Sub Genre: Family

Year of Production: 2006

Running Time: 1 x 95-minutes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Harmony Gold Production