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Abraham's Point

Abraham's Point  


Comet Snape is a tormented man. An insomniac French polisher who hasn’t been home or seen his parents for fifteen years, he lives in a west London tower block and spends his days restoring antiques and his nights in a caffeine fuelled hell.

Reality is beginning to blur and perhaps the boy in the duffle coat, who lurks in the shadows, is not a figment of his imagination after all.  Maybe the clock that he notices at a client’s house really is the one that dominates his dreams day after day, night after night?

Who knows?  But when his building guilt erupts and urges him to steal the clock in a midnight raid, he sets off on a journey into the heart of his soul; a redemptive journey where he must travel back, before it’s too late, to the source of the tragedy that tore his family apart all those years ago.

Abraham’s Point is a moving story that sees a man forced to make an enormous decision.  A decision that sees him travel home with an unwieldy grandfather clock on a journey of self discovery that is tinged with both humour and sadness, where he encounters people and situations that threaten to make or break him, and even threaten his life.

Finally, showing courage and determination, he will have to overcome the many challenges, obstacles that lie before him and ultimately the biggest obstacle of all – himself.

Genre: TV Movies, Films

Sub Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Year of Production: 2008

Running Time: 1 x 110-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Spinning Head Films/ Film Partnership Production

Co Production Company:In Association With Dan Films