Adele's Wish

Adele's Wish  


The true and controversial story behind the painting long known as 'The Woman in Gold', Gustav Klimt's masterpiece, and its remarkable history.

Adele's Wish is the exceptional story of an 84-year-old Los Angeles woman's struggle to recover five rare paintings stolen from her family by the Nazis in 1938. The artworks were painted by world-renowned Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The paintings were considered national treasures by Austria and were proudly displayed in Vienna's Belvedere Museum for over sixty years. 

For nearly a decade, Maria Altmann and her lawyer, Randol Schoenberg, battled Austria for the return of these incredibly valuable paintings. Although it began as a legal dispute, the struggle quickly turned into a political, cultural and ethical confrontation. In the process, Austria is forced to re-examine not only its role in Nazi art thefts, but also its anti-Semitic past.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Arts & Culture, True Story, Documentary

Year of Production: 2008

Running Time: 1 x 55-minutes

Production Company:A Calendar Films Production