Adventures of Sinbad
Adventures of Sinbad

Adventures of Sinbad  


An action adventure series set in the world of the most famous swashbuckler of all, the world of Sinbad and the crew of the Nomad, where magic and fantasy are a fact of life and magical monsters align themselves with human allies in the age old battle between good and evil.

Sinbad's voyages take him from mysterious islands ruled by gigantic reptilian creatures and despots to the depths of Hell in his quest to find the wise sorcerer Dim Dim, eliminate the evil sorceress Rumina and her father Turok and, ultimately, bring one of their own lost crew members, Maeve, the sorcerer's apprentice, back into the corporal world.

Genre: Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 1996-1997

Running Time: 44 x one hour

Production Company:An Atlantis Films Production