African Skies
African Skies

African Skies  


Margo and Rory Dutton's world has been turned upside down. Since her husband's death, Margo has thrown herself into her work at father-in-law Sam Dutton's multi national corporation, ACANCO.

The hard work has paid off but the effort has cost her dearly. Business has distanced her from her only son, 16 year old Rory. Soon they will be strangers. What they need is a chance to start again, to rebuild. Ironically, help arrives in the form of a business proposal. Margo is invited to head up ACANCO's African operation at Freedom Ranch. This could be their golden opportunity.

There are new challenges and adventures as Margo and Rory must learn to understand the customs and ways of the land. Now, in the wilderness of Africa and separated from everything they know, they may just find each other. Mother and son must rebuild their dissolved bond and stick together in their unknown and utterly fascinating new world.

With the help of their ranch manager, they undergo a whole new series of adventures as they gradually grow accustom to Africa's way of life.

Genre: Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Adventure, Nature & Wildlife, Family, Drama

Year of Production: 1993-1994

Running Time: 52 x half hours

Production Company:An Atlantis Films Production