Imagine being young, beautiful and the future of the world. Those are the kids who go to Valemont University, an exclusive, historic and secretive college in rural Massachusetts. All of the students are special in some way, but at Valemont nothing is quite as it seems...

When Valemont student Eric Gracen is found murdered, his sister Sophie is determined to discover the truth behind his death. Going undercover as a student, she sets about unravelling the school’s dark secrets from within.

Infiltrating Serpenthes House, the last place Eric was seen alive, Sophie and her roommate Poppy witness a bizarre and disturbing ceremony. As they try to escape, Gabriel, Eric’s best friend and Valemont outcast, rescues Sophie but Poppy is captured. Gabriel confides the truth to Sophie…that the university is not just a school for humans but a breeding community for vampires too. Here, the vampires are brought to life through birth rather than with a bite.

The professors are the elders and the students are the next generation, learning social behaviours and training to become the monsters of legend in order to fulfil their blood legacy. Battling for survival, Sophie and Gabriel embark together on a mission to save Poppy and themselves.

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Thriller, Drama

Year of Production: 2009

Running Time: 35 x 22-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:Electric Farm Entertainment