15 Jul 2014


Los Angeles and London based formats company Small World IFT can today announce a landmark co-production deal for its hit format Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown in China, as a 12 x 70’ series will premier on July 16th on Zhejiang TV.

A co-development between NHK Enterprises, Japan, Zhejiang TV and Legend Media, China, this significant agreement represents the first time that Chinese broadcaster Zhejiang TV has partnered with Japan on a format. Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown, a studio-based medical detective game show that challenges medical interns to diagnose real-life conditions, will air in China as Health 007 in a 10pm slot.

The deal was brokered by Tim Crescenti, President at Small World IFT, Aegena Tay, Director of Programme Development at Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media and Patrick Peng, Research and Development Director at Legend Media, China. The format Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown is distributed internationally by Small World IFT, with five seasons totalling more than 55 episodes airing to strong ratings on Japan’s NHK as Dr G’s Case File.

Tim Crescenti, President at Small World IFT, commented, “We are absolutely delighted to follow the success of Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown in Japan with this major new co-development for audiences in China. The show sees some of the country’s brightest young brains challenged to showcase their knowledge, offering viewers fascinating real-life stories blended with a highly entertaining competitive element – and, of course, some valuable medical information along the way! We’re looking forward to seeing Health 007 on air in China and expect to sign more international productions soon.” 

Aegena Tay, Director of Programme Development at Bomanbridge Media, comments, “We are pleased to be part of an exciting collaboration. China has found a great project that positively encourages the audience to live better by knowing more about our health.”

Hiroya Okado, Senior Producer, Content Development Center at NHK, said, “Doctor What: Diagnosis Unknown is one of very few unique formats in the market place. It is a great pleasure that we will now be able to see the Chinese co-development Health 007 come to life.  Through the re-enactment of the cases we hope the Chinese viewers will enjoy the deduction of a diagnosis as our viewers in Japan do. The medical information discussed is educational for viewers of all ages.”

In Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown, four outstanding medical interns must all use their medical knowledge, skills of observation and expertise in deduction as they are challenged to diagnose real-life conditions in this dynamic studio-based medical detective game show.  Hosted by a physician, each week the student doctors are presented with a puzzling case in the form of dramatic re-enactments of the condition. From the clues, the interns compete to determine a correct diagnosis that will only be revealed at the end of the show.  Each episode features real medical mysteries, real doctors and no scripts...  

Small World IFT signed an ongoing strategic deal with global entertainment company Content Media Corporation in 2012, which sees Content’s management team and sales executives working closely with Small World to grow the company’s portfolio of format IP and build a global format distribution company.

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About Small World IFT
Small World IFT was founded in 2005 by Tim and Colleen Crescenti to find, acquire and distribute the most unique and entertaining formats.  With over 30 years of experience, producing over 160 shows in over 65 countries, Small World has placed five format titles on US networks and over 25 format titles in the rest of the world, including such titles as Silent Library and the 2008 Rose d'Or winning I Survived a Japanese Game Show on ABC.  Other format finds include Miss Country Girl, , and Grandpas Over Flowers which have all recently launched in additional countries in the past few months. Small World IFT signed an ongoing strategic deal with global entertainment company Content Media Corporation in 2012, which sees Content’s management team and sales executives working closely with Small World to build a global formats sales company.

About Content Media Corporation
Content Media Corporation Ltd is a global entertainment media company based in London with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, which owns and distributes a significant library of film, television and digital assets. Content Film, the film sales division, holds the rights to 255 titles and helps producers secure financing, marketing and distribution. The division also acquires top-tier documentaries. Content Television is the television sales division, which holds the library rights to 3,900 hours of TV programming incorporating major drama series, non-fiction entertainment, special event programming, kids’ series, TV movies and mini-series.  Content Digital licenses over 300 hours of bespoke digital properties, in addition to the existing library, to digital media platforms worldwide, including on-demand, broadband and mobile.