11 Mar 2016


London, 11th March 2016 – Los Angeles and London based formats company Small World IFT has secured a new deal with China’s Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation for distribution of its innovative interactive talent/stunt battle show format Super Combat Teams, it announced today.

Small World IFT has signed international (excluding Germany and Nordic territories, where it has already sold) distribution to the primetime format, which combines a studio-based talent show with multi-platform interaction. Winner of the ‘Best General Entertainment Program’ at the Asian Television Awards, Super Combat Teams was originally produced for Jiangsu Satellite Channel in China, where it has become the number one rating talent show, with a total viewing figure of 96 million people.

In Super Combat Teams, competitors, comprising a diverse range of world champions and record holders, compete in thrilling challenges and stunts to prove themselves the best. Each episode features five challenges, such as ‘Fly Over Cars’, ‘Cross Fires’ and ‘Beat Gravity’. Super Combat Teams is the first stunt battle format to invite its audience to be part of the show – with viewers at home guessing the result of each challenge in real time via an interactive platform, with cash prizes up for grabs to those that predict the correct winners. In China, the average number of audience members participating reached 15 million per episode and 200 million in total across the series.

Tim Crescenti, President at Small World IFT, commented, “We are thrilled to team with Jiangsu on this fan-damn-tastic new primetime format. This is not just another talent show - it is a show that has a big heart and many emotional layers amidst these battles. Competitors may be long-time rivals, or a young hot amateur battling his or her idol for the first time. Moreover, we’ll also watch as the celebrity captains question each challenger as to their feelings and nerves about their upcoming epic battle. And these celebrity captains are winning prizes not only for the studio audience, but also the viewers at home, who must watch it live, using our proven simple app, to win – we’ve made it DVR-proof!  It may be a big studio show, but we’re also ensuring it is scale-able by offering international broadcasters a turnkey production hub. Bottom line: Super Combat Teams offers good, clean fun and entertainment for all the family.”

Qiu Yuanyuan, President of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation International, added, "We are pleased to be partnering with Small World on international distribution of Super Combat Teams. As the pioneer in China, we are devoted to bringing original Chinese creations to the world. With its originality and uniqueness, I believe Super Combat Teams will be the next big global hit."

Li Xiang, Director of Jiangsu Satellite Channel, added, "Super Combat Teams is a format that will flourish with strong international collaboration and we look forward to building a successful partnership with Small World as they debut this hit show."

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About Small World IFT
Small World IFT was founded in 2005 by Tim and Colleen Crescenti to find, acquire and distribute the most unique and entertaining formats.  With over 30 years of experience, producing over 160 shows in over 65 countries, Small World has placed five format titles on US networks and over 25 format titles in the rest of the world, including such titles as Silent Library and the 2009 Rose d'Or winning I Survived a Japanese Game Show on ABC.  Other format finds include Miss Country Girl, and Grandpas Over Flowers which have all recently launched in additional countries in the past few months. Small World IFT signed an ongoing strategic deal with global entertainment company Content Media Corporation in 2012, which sees Content’s management team and sales executives working closely with Small World to build a global formats sales company.