Postcards from the 48%

Postcards from the 48%  


The peculiar thing about Brexit is that 52% has been rounded up to 100% and 48% rounded down to zero, and two years after the UK voted to leave the EU they seem to be no closer to a deal.

Indeed, every day presents a new, incredible headline, from ‘inadequate food supplies’ to illegal overspending, to the real possibility of running out of essential, lifesaving medicines – far from the brave new world which was promised when the UK voted to ‘take back control’. However, the government still seem determined to proceed, even without a deal. Postcards From The 48%, a film made by and featuring those that voted Remain, attempts to redress the balance by showing how Brexit was far from a landslide victory and just why the 48% are still fighting to stay part of the EU.



“Considered and thoughtful” - THE TIMES

“A thoughtful, lucid documentary unashamedly gives voice to the "losers" in a poll that leaves the country facing its greatest challenge since the Second World War.” - RADIO TIMES

"In calm, vicarly manner, David Wilkinson gathers and binds a pretty much unarguable case for persisting in trying to overturn Brexit... Wilkinson at least has the decency, unlike the Leave campaign, not to pretend that he has all the solutions." - THE GUARDIAN

Genre: Theatrical, Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Political, News & Current Affairs, Documentary

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 1 x 110-minutes (1 x 91-minute version also available)

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Guerilla Docs production

Status: In Development