04 Dec 2017


Leading global distributor Kew Media Group has secured international sales for Salon Pictures upcoming feature documentary The Spy Who Fell To Earth.

The film is directed by Tom Meadmore (The Cancer Conflict), who has edited two previous Salon documentaries, Fred and The Guv’nor, and is produced by Salon’s Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter.

Shortly after midday on 27 June 2007, a man plummeted from his fifth floor London flat. Did he jump or was he pushed? The Spy Who Fell To Earth is the mysterious true story of an Israeli political scientist, Dr. Ahron Bregman, who unmasked the 20th Century’s greatest spy, Ashraf Marwan, and befriended him, only then to set in motion the very events that led to Marwan's unexplained death five years later.

Salon negotiated the rights to Dr. Bregman’s book The Spy Who Fell to Earth for use in the documentary film, as well as Dr. Bregman featuring in it, with Emma Topping Entertainment.

Nick Taussig commented, “In the foreword to Dr. Bregman’s book on his relationship with Ashraf Marwan, he writes,  ‘There are moments in a man’s life which are imprinted on his mind and which he carries with him to the end. One such moment is when I learned of the brutal death of Ashraf Marwan, an Egyptian who worked as a Mossad spy.’ This represented a brilliant dramatic premise for a documentary film.”

Dr. Ahron Bregman said, “I look forward very much to working with the wonderful and talented Salon team on this documentary.... an exciting collaboration.”

Greg Phillips, President of Distribution at Kew Media, commented, “We’re very pleased to secure international sales on this remarkable new documentary from Salon Pictures. Kew Media has a strong reputation for showcasing intelligent, immersive documentary features that tell globally-relevant stories, and we look forward to working with the exceptional team at Salon Pictures to bring The Spy Who Fell To Earth to a worldwide audience.”

Salon’s upcoming releases include McQueen, set to be released in the first quarter of next year by Bleecker in the US, Lionsgate in the UK, and Prokino in Germany, and Fred, set for release through Lionsgate UK in Q2, 2018.

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Award-winning producers Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter founded Salon in 2013, a film finance & production firm with a focus on exceptional material. Salon is committed to a close creative relationship with talent, to develop and produce a portfolio of intelligent and unique films, and manage this library in the marketplace. At Salon, Paul and Nick have produced the feature films ChurchillMy Name is Lenny, and Lek & The Dogs; short film Shemira; and the feature documentaries McQueen, Fred, Breaking Habits, Surrender, Gascoigne, The Challenge, The Guv’nor, and The Iconoclast.

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