Catalogue: TV - Kids / Teens

Caitlin’s Way  


A troubled teenager is faced with an evil choice - the juvenile penal system or moving away from the city to live with her distant cousin and the family she has never met before.

Banished to the wilds, Caitlin quickly discovers that prejudices, suspicions and fears are the same wherever you are. Only the environment is different, and the survival skills she learned in the city are as relevant in her new life as they were in her old. An outsider, and as her past shows a little dangerous and unpredictable, we’ll see this young girl’s coming of age in this family adventure series which combines comedy and high drama.

Genre: Kids / Teens

Sub Genre: Entertainment, Comedy, Action & Adventure

Year of Production: 1999-2001

Running Time: 52 x half hours

Territories: Worldwide (excluding USA)

Country: USA

Production Company:Riverside Productions in association with Fireworks Entertainment and Lynch Entertainment for YTV