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Content Television and CBBC proudly present Desperados.

Desperados follows the story of a group of teenagers for whom basketball is a big part of their lives. Not only do they encounter all of the usual teenage problems – that first crush, standing up to one’s parents, finding acceptance – they also battle a disability that most people never face: each of them is in a wheelchair.

Being part of a basketball team becomes the focal point of their lives. It is fast, physical, and above all, helps each one of them to forget what marks them out from their peers. The game allows them to form valuable friendships and to feel part of a team, which strengthens their resolve when faced with life’s tough lessons.

The series opens as a new basketball season is beginning and the “Desperados” coach, Baggy, finds his wheelchair basketball team sadly depleted. Defections of his star players mean his team is in desperate need of new talent if they are to register for this year’s league. Little does he know that he is about to discover his newest star players.

Each episode of Desperados is underpinned by an emotionally-charged storyline, yet there is a highly comic and irreverent aspect to it all as the characters battle to win their league while also dealing with the chaos of life around them. Our heroes are funny, sassy and self-aware. The series is humorous, fast-paced and, above all, about an ordinary group of kids for whom life has thrown up enormous challenges.

Watch on the sidelines as the drama unfolds with the new team members battling to win the league, while trying to discover who they are.

Genre: Kids / Teens

Sub Genre: Teen, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2007

Running Time: 10 x 25-minutes

Country: UK