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Heck's Way Home   


More than anything, eleven-year-old Luke Neufeld loves his mischievous dog Heck. And more than anything, the local dogcatcher hates Heck. In fact, he has made it his life's ambition to catch him.

On the day before the Neufelds leave their Canadian prairie home to move to Australia, the worst thing happens - Heck goes missing. With time running out before their ship sails, the Neufelds are forced to leave for Vancouver without Heck. Heartbroken, Luke fears that he may never see his best friend again. But Heck has other ideas.

The resourceful mutt stages a daring escape from the dog pound, hops a Westbound train and begins a truly amazing journey across 2,000 miles of prairies and Rocky Mountains to find his best friend. Along the way, many dangerous adventures test Heck's determination. And, as if that was not enough, Heck repeatedly encounters the dogcatcher. With the Neufeld's ship ready to sail and Heck still nowhere in sight, it looks like time will run out on the two friends. But nothing can keep them apart!



“A magnificent film” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Scripted with an unfailing sense of humanity and a brilliant sense of humor, and acted by a superb cast”THE HOLYWOOD REPORTER

Genre: Kids / Teens, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Adventure, Kids, Family

Year of Production: 1996

Running Time: 1 x 105-minutes

Production Company:A Credo Entertainment Corporation \ Atlantis Films Limited Production