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Magic Hour: Rookies

Magic Hour: Rookies  


Magic Hour, part of the Rewind Moments in Time series, is a dynamic prime time anthology series. Each hour long episode tells the story of young people who are confronted with and triumph over real life problems.

Small town dreams can quickly turn to nightmares when faced with the reality of big league competition. Corey Dyson takes big risks on the ice, but he may face his biggest danger off the ice.

When he becomes involved with the team owner's daughter, his small town values are severely tested. Corey has nothing to lose and everything to gain, but one mistake can cost him his future.

Genre: TV Movies, Kids / Teens, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Sports, Teen, Romance, Family, Drama, Coming-of-Age

Year of Production: 1990

Running Time: 1 x two hours

Production Company:An Atlantis Films Limited Production