Catalogue: TV - Kids / Teens


Once Upon a Hamster  


This captivating live action series shows how much fun life along a country riverbank can be as Hammy Hamster, Martha Mouse, GP the Guinea Pig, Turtle and Wise Old Frog share hilarious and intriguing adventures.

Hammy the Hamster wanders far from home, meets Martha Mouse and helps her unplug her chimney. They take Martha’s boat to meet Turtle, the Wise Old Frog and GP the Guinea Pig whose Old Mill has a leaky roof. Hammy solves the problem and Martha invites him to stay. Hammy accepts, happy to have made new friends.

Genre: Specials, Kids / Teens, Drama

Sub Genre: Adventure, Kids, Nature & Wildlife, Comedy

Year of Production: 1995

Running Time: 65 x half hours