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The BYkids Collection
BYkids Collection, The

The BYkids Collection  


Teenagers from around the world are paired with master filmmakers, including the late Albert Maysles (Salesman), Susan Hoenig (For Love or Money) and Joyce Chopra (Smooth Talk), to create these personal documentaries that educate and encourage international understanding about globally relevant issues. A BYkids Production, these films offer a perspective rarely seen in mainstream media.

In Mozambique, 16-year-old Alcides conveys his inspiring account of life as an AIDS orphan, while 17-year-old Namgyal, the exiled teen king of Tibet, shares his struggle to retain his culture while hoping to return to an independent Tibet. In rural India, 16-year-old Jayshree illuminates the immense potential of educating girls in the developing world; in Colombia, 16-year-old María reveals how her family and community endure displacement, and in New York City, 17-year-old Yemeni immigrant Faiza shares her courageous journey from victim to activist.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Arts & Culture, True Story, News & Current Affairs, Education, Documentary, Coming-of-Age

Running Time: 5 x half hours

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A BYkids Production